safety gloves for construction

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    about-Safety Gloves is a professional manufacture of working safety gloves, with production capacity 2.5 million pairs. Our own manufacture line including Latex coating, Nitrile coating, PU coating, PVC coating, with exceptional performance on cut-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-vibration, anti-impact, and seamless nitrile disposable gloves etc.


    Our R & D laboratory consider as well the role your hands play in the workplace: Durable and Sustainable; By upgrade material and advanced technology puts hand protection at the top priority in most jobs when it comes across safety, productivity and the role of protective apparel.


    Solido Safety Gloves is utterly focused on safety gloves for hand protection measures. We are confident this ‘focus’ will give us the ambition and ability to completely concentrate on providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on safety gloves to choose from.

With advanced research and wide range of safety gloves to meet a diverse range of handling applications – such as chemical handling, glass, gardening and lumber, etc.

safety gloves for construction

Solido Gloves

Professional manufacture of the safety gloves with Nitrile, Latex, PU coated etc.

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